The lake

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This 40-hectare (100-acre) artificial lake has been laid out in compliance with the regulations for international competitions. Its exceptional natural conditions make it one of the best competitive facilities in France and Europe according to international rowing experts.

  • Length: 2,216 metres
  • Width: 170 to 206 metres
  • Depth: 6 metres
  • Constant and regular water level
  • Gently sloping banks generate no return waves ; conditions are therefore equal in all lanes
  • Oriented south to north
  • Protected from the wind by woods
  • Road for vehicles and track for bikes or pedestrians along the whole course
  • Albano buoy system delimiting 9 lanes
  • Distance markers every 250 meters
  • Starting and finishing towers
  • Moored starting pontoon
  • Private boarding jetties

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